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Dispute Resolution

Avoid Court with Alternative Dispute Resolution

Contact Scanlon ADR Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to resolve your cases without going to court. Since opening our practice in 2008, over 1,100 cases from state and federal courts have been mediated, arbitrated, or evaluated by Judge Scanlon. Eighty percent of the state court actions were resolved amicably during mediation. Turn to him and Judge Linebaugh for the experience you need.

Avoiding Additional Costs

No litigant enjoys a lengthy trial. When your client is seeking a settlement, we provide realistic options that don't include a trial. Keeping costs down for both parties often leads to a quicker settlement to get your client's life back on track. Our services include:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Out-of-Court Trials
  • Discovery Dispute Resolution
  • Settlement & Conciliation Conferences

Our Practice Areas

Alternative dispute resolution is ideal for many types of cases. We provide specialized services for state and federal civil matters, along with domestic relations cases. Practice areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Professional Liability
  • Transportation Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Contract Litigation
  • Product Liability
  • Business Litigation
  • Insurance Claims
  • Other Commerce
  • Complex Litigation
  • Labor & Employment
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Construction Cases
  • Custody Cases
  • FELA (Federal Employers Liability Act)